Diabor. Standard of Quality.

Developing the product

The right product grows through an initial process of data analysis, giving a primal importance on the requests of our clients. This “data driven” design process we managed to shape, involves directly the supplier team and it is opened to different and compared solutions. Following this scheme, Diabor aim to build a common culture based on two connected cornerstones: an ongoing research, which is the only way to support the standards of excellence. This system makes our R&D department able to design a wide range of customized grinding wheels to every single machining needs.


For each client we dedicate a peculiar archive, both physical and digital, where all the manufacturing specs are recorded: from processing times to properties, mixtures, technical solutions; we are able thus to reproduce our products with constantly updates, keeping the same quality.

Quality check

This monitoring system requires to Diabor team to maintain the highest quality control possible in each working phase towards the final product, in order to guarantee minimum wastes and both maximum efficiency from our materials.


Diabor awareness on emissions, industrial refuse and acoustic pollution has led the company to healthier choices, starting from the very production line with our resinoid bond wheels. Being deeply rooted in our territory with a sensitive vision, for this reason we have therefore decided to implement several structural adjustments.

After-sales support

Our duty towards clients does not end with just the delivery of their supply. Diabor operators provide instead a valuable technical service, based on an experienced knowledge gained through ongoing constructive dialogues between the team and our customers. We strongly believe in this proactive attitude, as we prefer to consider ourselves more like partners rather than as mere suppliers.

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