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Since 1978 we produce diamond and borazon (CBN) resinoid bond grinding wheels for different working areas: mechanics, marble, stone, ceramics, textile, paper and ski. The whole production process, from the design of the wheel to its final shipment, is realized in Diabor factory, situated in Malo (Vicenza). We have grown up right here, in this same land where our lives have intertwined with this job: this longtime process has strengthen in ourselves a deep sense of belonging to the territory.

Team and its organization

Human relationship has always been consider a priority from our group since its very foundation, inside the team, with our customers and suppliers. This concept represents indeed an essential condition for Diabor, which promotes an ongoing exchange of thoughts as a valuable resource for the personal growth.
Constant updating, renewal of the systems, flexible roles, whole internal production.
Thanks to a consolidate experience we are able to control the entire productive process, supporting every customers on their single working needs.

Our approach

Diabor considers his work as the daily sharing of its founding principles. It means that every day we are deeply committed to:

dialogue with our customers, before and after selling with a well experienced analytic system dedicate time and energy to the production of tools that can solve real working issues
participate at the customers’ satisfaction, gathering all the efforts inside our factory build reliable and durable products, with excellent standards of quality


We guarantee the supply of high customized products. Our efficient system relies on collecting all of the information required on the client’s personal file (preparation times, mixtures, operations, involved staff); furthermore, technical analysis and managerial information are gathered from different channels, then displayed in a central and real time available screen.
An established scheme build and implemented by Diabor from its early years, that allows a speedy and efficient production, with an unmatched quality. Why so sure? Our after-sales service has a percentage of return item equal to zero.


Gianni Lagni gave birth to Diabor in 1978, which is currently managed by his daughter Marica the C.E.O. of the company.

Timeline Diabor

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Show us your skills! Here in Diabor, we desire to make our activity even more challenging: for this reason we examine daily CVs in view of the selection of our future collaborators.

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