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for ski and snowboard!

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Buy online our sharpening wheels!

We have been providing satisfaction to customers worldwide for 40 years.

First we imagined our grinding wheels, then we designed, planned and created them. We have been doing this successfully and to the satisfaction of all our customers. And we will do it for you, too!


Our special features:

High quality products

40 years ago, we were saying this. Today – more and more – it is our customers that say it: Diabor wheels are of the highest quality. 100% Italian made, in our original factory at Malo (Vicenza), where we take fanatical care over our product.


Are you in a hurry to receive our wheels? No sooner said than done. We have a rapid and efficient production line. What’s more, drawing on our warehouse and our wheels in stock, we are speedier still!


A company’s history is its most significant value, since it determines the experience, skill and care with which its daily work is done. Our 40 years’ experience is at your disposition.

Infinite customizations

Our flexibility, together with our 40 year’ experience, enables us to respond to all our customers’ needs, even the most specialized.

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    “All the people I know that are successful in what they do, are successful because they love what they do”.
    – (Joe Penn)