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Choosing the right wheel requires a wide and detailed analysis about all of the different work dynamics. Which material has to be removed? How many quantity? What kind of finishing is required? Which specifics does the processing machine have? Does it require a damp or dry work? And many other questions can be asked, claiming for a proper answer.

Our customer care and its consolidated knowledge, gained over four decades of experience into this industry, can provide detailed advices on the appropriate wheel. As the product department, highly specialized in developing customized solutions for the clients’ different machining.
Diabor guarantees qualified consultancies, if you are looking for the perfect wheel please feel free to contact us.

Diabor four pillars of quality

Resinoid Bond
Our bonds are developed only from high level raw materials, which are able to bind to every different abrasive.
Grinding Band
Selected and strictly European materials, excellent for hardness and their both chemical and heat extended resistance.
A large amount of mixed solutions, wisely produced and then registered, even for the most challenging materials.
Wheel’s Life
Certified treatments during the production phase, in order to give wheels the longest duration with the current technology.




Abrasive and its applications
Diamond: the best choice for grinding complex materials, such as hard metal, widia, ceramics, glass, graphite, ferrite.
Borazon (cubic boron nitride – TM CBN) : less harder than diamond but definitely with an increased thermal stability, it is indicated for processing steel and cast iron.

Resinoid bond
Resinoid bond keeps tied all the abrasive grains. Versatile in both dry and humid preparations, it can be soft or hard at different stages.

The quantity of diamond’s or borazon’s carats contained in the grinding bond. Concentrations mostly used are C50 (low), C75 (medium) and C100 or C125 (high); obviously choosing an appropriate concentration allows to optimize the removing process with strong and long-lasting performances.

The different volumes of abrasive found in the grinding band of the tool; due to the variety of size, grains enable all of the specific processing, like removal or finishing the treated surface.

Size and shape
For obtaining a correct and effective processing, it mostly depends on the structure of the wheel, the abrasive band positioning e its shape itself. Diabor produces wheels to design or from specific clients’ demands, with a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and bands.

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