About us

About us

Specialization, skill, toughness: these are the Diabor ingredients. For 40 years we have been producing – strictly in Italy – diamond and Borazon (CBN) resinoid-bonded grinding wheels for ski and mechanical parts, for the marble, stone and ceramics sectors and for those of textiles and paper.
Diabor was founded in 1978 by Gianni Lagni, who still heads the company. It has always been a point of reference for customers of every kind, and has been able to satisfy, with its flexibility and skills, the widest range of needs. It has found solutions to potential problems arising during the various processes, not only through its versatility but thanks also to the relations it has built with increasingly demanding and highly
qualified users, who are more and more equipped with avant-garde sharpeners and work centres.

The Diabor offices and factory at Malo (VI)

The grinding wheels we produce have always been made entirely in our company. This provides a guarantee for the product itself which, as a result of our constant commitment to research into new materials and production processes, is in continual evolution and fully maintains its competitive position on the market.

People Diabor

  • We got to know Diabor many years ago and ever since we’ve been using Diabor grinding wheels in all our machinery. Their speedy production times but above all their ability to customize their wheels are, for us, their strong point.

    Maurizio Galvagni
    Purchase Office Manager of Cartiera Piemontese
  • We have been using Diabor grinding wheels to sharpen our sports customers’ skis for many years, and with great satisfaction. This is a choice we made after trying a number of wheels, without obtaining the results we can get from the Diabor ones.

    Mario Bianchi
    Purchase Office of Martini Sport Srl